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The K45 is the Swiss Army knife of CW keyers. A CW keyboard interface, CW reader, iambic paddle keyer, backlit LCD display, and optically isolated keying outputs are all presented in one compact box. In addition, the K45 will operate many different modes including RTTY transmit, QRSS, HSCW, and conventional CW up to 99 WPM. We sell the K45 assembled, tested, and ready to go. It is powered over a USB cable connection to a PC, charger, or battery. Please review the cable recommendations link for K45 cabling info. We do not include a keyboard with the K45, almost any USB keyboard, wired or wireless, will work fine.

The on board CW reader accepts audio from a receiver, then filters, demodulates, and decodes CW characters which are then displayed on the LCD. An bar graph is used to tune in CW stations quickly and accurately. The K45 CWR is a new design featuring much improved copy and faster reader lock than the original K42 CWR.

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K45B CW Modem w/USB Keyboard I/F
The K45 review in Dec. 2022 QST generated a large number of orders and we sold out of K45s, but we are now shipping again.  We'll catch up within a few weeks. If you are interested in buying a K45, please email us at k1el.kitsinfo@gmail.com and we will add you to the queue.

K45B CW Modem $239                    K45 Cable Kit $8
Mini USB Cable is included                       
USPS Priority Mail shipping to USA is $11.50
We not able to ship K45s outside the USA at this time
K45B Documentation               
K45B User Guide rev B.0
K45B Product Brief
K45 Cable Information