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Hamcrafters VLF
  • Receive VLF with your HF Receiver/Transceiver
  • Listen in on the 136 KHz ad 500 KHz VLF Bands
  • Log Non Directional Beacons (NDBs)
  • Monitor WWV on 60 KHz
  • Tune in on European Longwave Broadcasts

  • Fully assembled and tested !
  • Operates on 12 VDC
  • Power Plug Included
  • Compact 4" x 4" x 2"
  • Manual included

The Hamcrafters VLF Converter converts 10 KHz - 500 KHz to 4.010 to 4.5 MHz. This allows use of your HF Receiver or Transceiver and all its filters, noise blankers, DSP, and memories while tuning the VLF band. Modern HF radios have poor sensitivity in the VLF range (by design). Using this converter with a simple wire antenna will allow receiving of navigational beacons, time signals, and other VLF signals.
Assembled VLF Converter  $129.00

Design and Assembly of this converter is by Hamcrafters Radio Kits by
permission of Jack Althouse, K6NY (SK)
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