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Do you ship user manuals with orders ?
To reduce costs and keep kit prices low, we ask customers to please download the latest manuals from the appropriate product section.

Can you send me the source code to one of your microcontroller ICs ?
We are going against the tide in open sourcing, but since we depend on sales to keep us going, we aren't giving out the source to any of our ICs. Our strategy has always been to offer kits at the lowest price possible. The API to WinKeyer is in the public domain and anyone can write an interface to it as long as it for personal use only. We give away free applications and also the source code to the WK DLL and WKtest application.

How come you didn't acknowledge my PayPal payment right away ?
We do our best to answer emails and payments, hang in there we will confirm your order as soon as we can. Most times we are able to ship within a day or two so there really isn't much point.

Do you accept bank transfers or Western Union ?
Yes, please email us and we can supply the bank routing information. Depending on which country you are initiating the transfer from, there may be an additional charge to cover a bank transfer fee. If you can, please use PayPal (it's international now) or send a check or money order drawn on a US bank. Western Union works also.

How come you never answered my email ?
Regrettably this happens once in a while. Our email flow can best be described as a flood, the easy ones I answer right away, the difficult ones I get to when I get extra time. Sometimes they end up in email limbo. Please try a second email if we don't get back to you within 24 hours. An alternative is to post a question on the K1EL User Group. Then either I can answer it or someone else can pitch in.

Do you sell assembled kits ?
We are now selling assembled and tested products; WKUSB, WKmini, and K44 for example.

Do you sell enclosures for your kits ?
Not all of them, it is quite expensive to have them designed and fabricated. Currently we offer enclosures for our best selling products with more to follow.

I am having problems getting WinKeyer to work with a logging application that supports Winkey, can you help ?
First of all make sure your WinKeyer hardware is operating properly. Use either our WKdemo or WKtest apps to help check it out. Obvious things to check are com port assignment and serial cable type. Once you have confirmed your Winkeyer hardware is working,. It's usually a just matter of finding application's WinKeyer dialog box and setting the com port. We do our best to provide support but now there are too many apps for us to be experts in them all. Most apps have a user group or email list that is invaluable for getting help or as a last resort, check with the software provider to see if they can get you going.

I want to use WinKeyer with the new WhizBangLogger application but it doesn't support it. Can you help ?
The truth is that users have the most leverage in pushing application developers to adopt WinKeyer. If they believe that adding WinKeyer interface will increase sales and/or interest, they will do it.

I am a software developer and I want to add WinKeyer support to my application, can you help ?
Yes, certainly. We can provide an MS Windows DLL that provides an easy API. We can also supply the C source code to our WKdemo application. Contact us for special WinKeyer pricing for software developers.

What new kits are you working on ?
We are always working on new kits and have many planned for 2020. If you have any suggestions for kits you'd like to see, please let us know.

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