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K1EL Systems was started back in 1995 by Steve, K1EL. He began with his PIC based keyer design, the K8 IC. The focus has always been to provide parts and kits to hams who like to have fun building their own gear. Today we offer a wide variety of amateur radio related ICs as well as full kits. We are now offering assembled and tested products.
All engineering design is done by Steve, K1EL including product concepts, firmware, PCB layouts, and documentation.

The majority of the designs are Microchip PIC based with a sprinkling here and there with Cypress PSoC mixed signal controllers.

We use local companies for both enclosure fabrication and SMT boad assembly. All of our kits and assembled products are made in the USA.

Steve also does engineering consultation work for amateur radio, networking, medical, and graphics arts companies. 

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