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The K40CW Board is a companion board for the K40 CW Keyboard Keyer which allows CW decode and display CW on the K40's LCD display. The K40 CW Reader accepts audio from your receiver and provides impressive copy. In order to use the CW Reader the K40 firmware must be upgraded to Rev G. When the K40 powers up it displays the firmware revision of the two PICs, they must both be vG to support the K40 CWR.

K40 CWR Manual & Kit Assembly

K40 CW Reader Module Kit - $29

K40 Rev G Upgrade
$8 USD    (2 PIC I.C.s)
K40 CWR Kit       
$29 USD
openQRP Partial Kit - No longer available
We have some boards if you are interested

More information on the openQRP radio project found under the 'Radios' tab above.


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ATKBD3 - PS2 Keyboard to Serial Converter IC

We offer a kit of two solid state relays and resistors that you can use to upgrade a WKUSB with optocouplers to solid state relays. If you have either NEC or Toshiba TLP627-2 parts in sockets U1 and U3 (near the RCA jacks) those are optocouplers. Read through the upgrade instructions to see what needs to be done to upgrade your keyer:     SSR Upgrade instructions

WKUSB SSR Upgrade Kit
Contact us for availability
Contact us for availability