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K45 Upgrade Files

This is the repository for K45 Upgrade Files. They are compatible with both K1EL K45 Rev A and K45 Rev B versions.

There is a special upgrade application (for Windows) that must be used to update the microcontrollers in the K45. 

Do not use WK3tools for WK firmware updating!!!

Only the main K45 firmware image has been released at this time, there are no updates yet for the K45 WK-IC or the PSOC.

Please do not attempt to upgrade the K45 WinKeyer IC with WK images for WKUSB, WKUSB-AF, or WKmini products they will not work in the K45.

Please take time to read through the Update Instuctions before starting. This is very important, skipping this step is a mistake.

K45 Programming Utility
You must use this app to program the K45. It works for K45A and K45B. Instructions for
using this app are in the Update Instructions.

K45 programming Utility K45PGM_v11.exe
  (32 bit Windows Application)

K45 Main CPU Downloads
This section is for the 32 bit CPU on the K45 main board.

K45 Main CPU Update Instructions PDF File

K45 Main Application Image File Rev A4

K45 WinKeyer IC Downloads (Not Released)
This section is for K45 version of the WinKeyer IC used on the K45 main board.

K45 WinKeyer IC Update Instructions PDF File

K45 Winkeyer IC Update Bin File

K45 PSoC IC Downloads  (Not Released)
This section is for PSoC DSP IC used on the K45 main board.

K45 PSoC IC Update Instructions PDF File

K45 PSoC IC Update Hex File

K45 Revision A4 User Guide

K45 Rev A4 User Guide


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