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We have received many requests for a complete PaddleStick kit. In response, we now offer the PS2B which combines a PaddleStick with an interface board and weighted base. It's is an easy assembly that takes about an hour. The PS2B is a fun accessory that you can use to practice Morse code without having to invest in an expensive paddle set. The base interface card provides a speed pot, message pushbuttons, and solid state relay output that can drive both modern and grid block vacuum tube transmitters. A touch paddle is built into the PaddleStick board and is coupled to an on-board keyer chip utilizing our powerful K16 keyer core.

Also included is an on board sidetone speaker so you can hear what you are sending with adjustable sidetone frequency. The K16 keyer IC can be bypassed if you want to use your PaddleStick just as a touch paddle. The kit includes all parts except solder and a nine volt battery.

PaddleStick Features
PaddleStick CW Keyer with Base Kit
PS2B Kit
$59.00 USD

PS2B Documentation
PS2B User Manual rev A.4


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DIY ! Here's a very nice 3D printed cover for the PS2B designed by KK4YEL
Check out the PS2B review in April 2018 QST

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