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Here are the new tools for WK3.1, please use them instead of older versions.


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WinKeyer 3.01.02  SMT Bin File(zipped):
WinKeyer 3.01.02  DIP Bin File(zipped):
WinKeyer 3.01.02 Mini Bin File(zipped):
If you are not sure which version WK3 IC you have, run WK3tools 5.2, set the com port, click Test WK and the version will be displayed; either IC:DIP, IC:SMT or MINI. That will determine which image file to download and install. Instructions for upgrading can be found in the WK3TOOLS Guidebook on Page 8. Note that when you use WK3tools 5.2 with an older WK3 version, only a few options are enabled. Once you do the upgrade, all features will be enabled. Don't forget to save your settings so you can restore them after upgrading:
In WK3tools: ReadWK -> Write Config file -> Upgrade -> Read Config File -> WriteWK

Here is the WKUSB Manual with WK 3.1 updates

Here is the WK3 Datasheet with WK 3.1 updates

Here is the WKmini Datasheet with WK 3.1 updates

In case of difficulties, below are fall back programming files in case you want to revert back to version 3.00.10:

WK3demo_41_setup.exe Version 4.1:
WK3tools_52_setup.exe Version 5.2:
WinKeyer 3.00.10 SMT Bin File (zipped):
WinKeyer 3.00.10 DIP Bin File (zipped):
WinKeyer 3.00.10 Mini Bin File (zipped):
WinKeyer Version 3.1 Upgrade Files

A new version of WinKeyer firmware has been released. It is compatible with any K1EL WinKeyer that has a WK 3 IC. This applies to WKUSB and WKmini but not WK3serial.

RTTY Transmit has been added. This provides a hardware RTTY UART that is accurate and stable. It is to be used in FSK applications only, it does not output AFSK. Both N1MM+ and FLdigi support WinKeyer 3.1 in RTTY mode.

New versions of WK3tools and WK3demo have been released that support WinKeyer 3.1. WK3demo now allows you to generate RTTY transmit directly. A notable feature is the ability to generate RTTY output from paddle input with WKUSB. If you have a transceiver that provides RTTY receive, you can communicate in RTTY without a PC.

Following are the downloadable programming files for WK 3.xx based keyers.
Please note that you will need to download WK3tools ver 5.2 to program your keyer (see link below).


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PIC Tools




53.EXE for K1EL use only
5K.EXE for K1EL use only