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WKUSB, with a WinKeyer IC, is K1EL's original CW interface for the PC. It provides a convenient way to connect your PC to an amateur radio transceiver and send Morse both under computer control and by iambic paddle. Morse keying that is generated by a PC based application is prone to timing problems that are a result of the multitasking nature of Windows and other operating systems. All it takes is a long disk search or slow peripheral access to upset the intricate timing of Morse letters. This shows up even more at higher speeds such as you would find in a CW contest. Winkeyer replaces PC generated Morse and produces perfectly timed elements at speeds up to 99 WPM. In addition, WinKeyer provides an optical isolation between your PC and radio to prevent ground loops and electrical noise problems. If that's not enough, WinKeyer gives you a complete standalone keyer with speed control, message buttons, and a paddle interface. It is hard to find a contest or logging app that does not support WinKeyer. K1EL created the Winkeyer interface back in 2001 and did all the work convincing software developers to incorporate it into their applications.

WKUSB-SMT is a fully assembled and tested product, we no longer offer it in kit form. 

WKUSB-SMT Features
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Want to learn more about WinKeyer ?
Read this White Paper by K1EL.

WKUSB-SMT Documentation
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Excellent WKUSB video review by G0POT

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WKUSB Cable Options

Attention: We are not able to sell directly to EU or UK at this time. We are hoping to have a distributor set up there soon.
WKUSB-SMT CW Keyer Assembled/Tested $129
Sorry, out of stock. We will have more in early November