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Our number one request has been for a keyer with an audio sidetone output. WKUSB-AF maintains nearly all of WKUSB's functionality while adding a pure sinewave audio output that can drive headphones, a speaker, or line out to drive an external amplifier or mic input on a PC. The sidetone's frequency and output level are both adjustable. WKUSB-AF still has an internal sidetone speaker that is used primarily for standalone command entry. There are three pushbuttons that can trigger three messages directly and an additional two by pushing two buttons at once. Pressing and holding CMD starts standalone command entry. Press and holding M2 starts sidetone frequency adjust while pressing and holding M3 starts tune. In RTTY mode, the speaker outputs AFSK tones so you can monitor transmission which also makes paddle RTTY easier too.
WKUSB-AF is powered by the USB connector so it can be run from a phone charger, charger battery, or directly from a PC. Unlike WKUSB, WKUSB-AF does not have an internal battery. Another difference is that WKUSB has two output ports, each with a PTT. WKUSB-AF only has a single stereo key output port jack that provides either two separate key outputs or one key output with PTT.

WKUSB-AF Features
WKUSB-AF -  WKUSB & CPO in One Box

  WKUSB-AF Documentation

    WKUSB-AF Product Brief
    WKUSB-AF User's Manual
    CH341SER.exe USB Driver (2023 version)
    Windows CH340 Driver (.zip file) (2023 version)
    Other information can be found
    on the WKUSB page


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